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Strategic Management 6 op, lv 2024-2025, UEF


The course is at the Bachelor`s level. The course belongs to the Basic Studies, Management and Leadership (johtamisen perusopinnot) and the Intermediate studies, Marketing and Retailing (Johtamisen aineopinnot).

Content: Strategy and strategic position. Competitive advantage. Analytical concepts and and tools to evaluate the strategic options. Development of strategies in organizations. Organizational structures, organizational processes and relationship management. Organization’s position in the external environment, the determinants of strategic capability, the influence of, history and culture on strategy, sustainable business.


15.08.2024 – 31.07.2025




Student can describe the basic concepts, tools and foundations of strategic management apply appropriate strategic management concepts and tools to business cases define and apply the tools and techniques of strategic analysis identify and describe the challenges and opportunities of sustainable business for entrepreneurship and innovation.


6 op


Subhanjan Sengupta


This course is an online course and, thus, you are expected to carry it out as an independent study. It takes about 162 hours of work to complete the course. Three online exams that you can complete on your own schedule. All information on modules and tests is available on eLearn Moodle. This is an online and automated course.


Scale on grade 0 -5. Course credits are given once every month towards the end of the month.


Whittington, R., P. Regnér, D. Angwin, G. Johnson & K. Scholes. 2020. Exploring strategy. 12th edition. Harlow, UK: Pearson Education. The 11th edition is also suitable.


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Cancellation Policy of Päijät-Hämeen kesäyliopisto:

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